Word Search Maker

We invite you to try your hand at making your very own word search puzzle. All you need to do is supply the words.

We recommend you login first before creating a word search puzzle

By logging in, full credit for creating the puzzle will go to you. You can of course create a puzzle anonymously in just a few simple steps.

A game can literally be created in 2 or 3 minutes because our word search maker handles the job of positioning your list of words in the game grid.

When your puzzle is created and submitted you'll be able to play it instantly, as well as share it with your friends.

You should base your puzzle on a single theme or topic. For example TV Shows and movies make great topics for puzzles and it's not usually too difficult to come up with a list of related words.


    There are a small few requirements which must be followed...
  • To create a word search puzzle you must supply a word list of at least 10 words.
  • The word list must be based on a single theme. Some example themes might be "Colors", "Simpsons Characters" or "Types of Birds"
  • A word list made up of random words will not be accepted
  • Words can only contain the letters a-z and a maximum of one space. The space will be removed when words are added to the word search grid.
  • Words can have a maximum length of 16 letters