Some of the most popular word search puzzles on our site are based on sitcoms, so we gave them their own category.

  • Friends

    Sure to be a hugely popular puzzle around here, simply find all of the hidden words relating to the classic sitcom Friends.

  • The Big Bang Theory

    Currently the biggest sitcom in the world and possibly the universe is honoured here with it's very own word search puzzle. Are you has quick at solving it as Sheldon is ?

  • Modern Family

    Beginning in 2009, Modern Family has become one of Americas favourite comedies and we've got the mother of all word search games for lovers of the show to enjoy.

  • Two and a Half Men

    One of the longest running sitcoms on tv has provided us with plenty of words to create this word search.

  • 2 Broke Girls

    Love the sitcom, then you'll love the game. Max, Caroline and all the cast are hidden the this game grid.

  • How I Met Your Mother

    The top words found in the sitcom How I met Your Mother are buried in this puzzle, try and find them all.

  • The Office

    Words associated with the US version of The Office are hidden within this game.

  • I Love Lucy

    From the show I Love Lucy

  • That 70's Show

    Word search on the long running sitcom that launched the career of Ashton Kutcher, That 70's Show

  • Roseanne

    All the famous Roseanne characters!

  • Frasier

    Try and find the words connected with the Kelsey Grammer fronted sitcom Frasier.

  • Reba

    A word search game on the characters of the TV sitcom, Reba.

  • Mike & Molly

    A simple word search on the sitcom Mike & Molly

  • Mom

    Fun wordsearch on the new comedy Mom, staring the wonderful Anna Faris and Allison Janney.

  • The Middle

    Puzzle covering characters and words associated with the sitcom, The Middle

  • Scrubs

    Find the words relating to the long running sitcom, Scrubs

  • That '70's Show Characters

    Word Search covering the characters from this great sitcom.

  • Raising Hope

    From the man behind My Name is Earl, this qwerky sitcom provides a great basis for a word search puzzle.

  • According to Jim

    Find the hidden words relating to this hit Jim Belushi sitcom which ran for 8 seasons.

  • How I Met Your Mother 2

    HIMYM Word Search, including the word "Dowisetrepla", aka Down wind from the sewage treatment plant.

  • Arrested Development

    Having moves from network television to Netflix, Arrested Development is still as popular as ever. See how fast you can find all of the words associated with this awesome show.

  • Community

    As fast as you can, find all of the hidden words associated with the sitcom Community

  • Meet The Browns: Meet The Parents

    Find the names of daddy, mamma, their parents and their siblings. The names may be forward, backward, up-and-down and diagonally in straight lines. As you find words cross them off the list. Good Luck. Have Fun!

  • Melissa & Joey

    A word search on the new ABC Family comedy, Melissa and Joey

  • Rules of Engagement

    Just a classic word search puzzle based on the CBS sitcom about two couples and their single friends, Rules of Engagement.

  • 30 Rock

    Puzzle based on the NBC sitcom, 30 Rock including popular characters and other related words.

  • The New Adventures of Old Christine

    Word search puzzle on the hit sitcom staring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Simply uncover the words in the grid related to the show.

  • The Mindy Project

    A simple word search covering cast, characters and plots from the television comedy, The Mindy Project

  • The Millers

    A word search on the sitcom, The Millers, created by Greg Garcia.

  • Dads

    Word search puzzle on the 2013 sitcom Dads created by Seth McFarlane.

  • Whitney

    Whitney Cummings, the creator of 2 Broke Girls also created and stars as the title character in this modern smart sitcom. Find all the hidden characters in the puzzle grid.