Word search puzzles covering the many countries of the world.

  • Asian Countries
  • Australia

    A word search all about the great nation/continent of Australia

  • European Countries 2
  • Languages

    Languages of the world are hidden throughout this word search puzzle

  • African Countries
  • Countries of Europe

    Countries of Western Europe including Great Britain

  • South American Countries
  • Canadian Culture

    Below are words to help describe what Canada is all about. Find the words in the search grid!

  • Italy

    This is a word search about Italy. A fun bit of trivia to challenge your mind.

  • Ireland

    A word search game all about Ireland

  • Jolly Ol' England

    Sights to see, places to go, things to experience when in England.

  • American Symbols

    Find the words which have symbolic importance in the United States of America

  • Japan

    Find all of the words hidden in the letter grid which relate to the great country of Japan

  • Chinese New Year

    Complete this word search on words connected with the Chinese New Year

  • Scotland

    Find all of the words associated with Scotland

  • Spanish Speaking Countries

    To solve the word search puzzle you must find all of the countries which have Spanish as an official language.

  • Island Countries

    All of the countries listed here are islands, can you spot them all.

  • All things French

    All words in this game are associated with France and French culture

  • The Netherlands

    Getting to know The Netherlands

  • India

    A word search containing cultural and historical terms associated with India

  • African Countries, More Obscure
  • Wales

    Word search puzzle all about the Wales in the United Kingdom

  • World Currencies Past & Present
  • Scottish Islands

    Find all of the Scottish Islands which are hidden in this word search puzzle.

  • Canada

    A word puzzle on all things Canadian

  • Mexico

    Hidden in the letter grid are a number of cities, places, landmarks, foods etc., connected with the great country of, Mexico. Try to find them all.

  • Scottish Towns, Cities or Villages

    Any place in Scotland registered as an official Scottish Town, City or Village.

  • Portugal

    A word search on words associated with the country, Portugal

  • African Adventure

    Find the Words associated with an African Adventre

  • Philippines

    Solve the game by finding all of the words which relate to the Philippines

  • Southern African Countries

    Find all of the words within this crossword puzzle and the first one done gets another piece of cake and drink.

  • Latin America

    Word search of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands.

  • Thailand

    A word search puzzle all about Thailand

  • Malaysia

    This word search is about Malaysia's famous cities, architecture's and people

  • Zambia

    Words about Zambia - natural resources, religion, climate, and popular culture

  • Kenya

    Words used to describe a holiday in Kenya

  • Belgium

    Cities and famous Belgian people

  • South Korea

    To solve the puzzle, you must locate all of the words and phrases hidden in the letters which are all connected with the country of, South Korea

  • Kenya

    Can you find all the words in the the grid below?

  • Latin American Words

    Countries, physical features, environmental issues and more

  • Singapore

    To know about the history of the Republic of Singapore since 1965 and any places of interests, as well as Singaporean Icons.

  • Singapore, 2

    We love Singapore. Can you spot all the words?