A great collection of word search puzzles covering Disney movies, characters, songs and villains.

  • Disney Animated Movies

    Plenty of great Disney movies are hidden in the game grid. Try to find them all a quickly as possible.

  • Disney Princesses

    Magical Princesses the happiest place on earth has produced

  • Disney Characters

    Word search of Disney characters from the 1950's onwards

  • Frozen

    Word search on the Disney movie Frozen

  • Disney

    Word search based on popular Disney movies and characters

  • Disney Villains

    Best Disney baddies to ever shine on the silver screen.

  • The Lion King

    This word search contains the characters and places from Disney's The Lion King.

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Disney's 1991 animated hit movie musical about finding the Beauty Within comes to life in this enchanting word search

  • The Little Mermaid

    Word search about Disney's The Little Mermaid made in 1989.

  • Cinderella

    This word search covers the characters and plots of the Disney movie, Cinderella.

  • Disney Animals

    Best animals the happiest place on earth has ever produced

  • Mickey Mouse

    A word search on the characters and friends of the Disney character, Mickey Mouse

  • Lilo and Stitch

    A word search on the themes, plots and characters from the movie, Lilo and Stitch.

  • Alice in Wonderland

    A word search covering the movie, Alice in Wonderland

  • Inside Out

    A word search puzzle for kids and grownups who are fans of the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out.

  • Finding Nemo

    Find all of the hidden words associated with the Disney/Pixar movie, Finding Nemo.

  • Disney Fairies

    The Disney Fairies are magical creatures that live in the Home Tree and can fly and do magic with Pixie Dust.

  • Mulan

    A word search game on the Disney movie, Mulan

  • Monster's Inc.

    Boo on the Loose. Find all the hidden words related to this Disney classic.

  • Tangled

    This is a word seach containing a number of words, themes and characters from the Disney movie Tangled

  • Mary Poppins

    The list below contains names and other words and phrases related to the Disney movie, "Mary Poppins." Find as many as you can!

  • Walt Disney's Peter Pan

    A puzzle covering characters, things, and places from Walt Disney's Peter Pan (1953).

  • Pixar's UP

    This word search is about Pixar's 2009 film UP.

  • Descendants

    All you want and more... about the Disney Channel original movie, Descendents

  • Disney Infinity

    These words are everything to do with Disney's video game 'Disney Infinity'

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Solve the game by finding all of the words which relate to Sleeping Beauty

  • Brave

    Can you find all of the words associated with the Disney movie Brave

  • The Princess and the Frog

    A word search game on the animated story of Tiana and Prince Naveen.

  • Teen Beach 2

    A collection of words which relate to the Disney movie, Teen Beach 2 are hidden in this puzzle. Try to find as many as you can.

  • Descendants: Isle of the Lost

    A word search on one of my favorite books/movies, Descendants: Isle of the Lost

  • Aristocats

    Try and find all of the words in the game which are connected with Disney's the Aristocats

  • The Good Dinosaur

    A wordsearch on Disney Pixar's The Good Dinosaur

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    A word search puzzle all about the Disney animated adventure, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

  • The Thirteenth Year

    Play this word search game based around the topic of Disney's The Thirteenth Year

  • Disney's Aladdin

    Find the words from the 1992 Classic Disney Movie

  • Disney Peter Pan

    Find all the characters in the 1953 Disney movie

  • Brave

    A word search game on the Disney movie Brave